Admissions Policy

The management of the institute follows the rules and regulations of Hazara Universit Mansehra and Higher Education Regulatory Authority (HERA). However, the management had adopted general policy/rules and regulation for the students. All the students are required to comply with the rules notified by the Quaid Degree College Abbottabad from time to time. The violation of the following instruction renders the students liable to strict disciplinary action such as fine or expulsion from the institute.

1) A student is entitled to a maximum of six absentees in a course absence is not allowed in examination days. A studént absenting himself in the examination with out any plausible reason will render himself liable to a fine of Rs:200/ per Day.

2) Absence fine of Rs: 05/-per period and Rs: 10/- per day will be imposed. A student coming late in the classroom will be marked as absent.

3) Fee should be paid according to the schedule. The institute will announce the prescribed date for the deposit of fee on the notice board and therefore, takes no responsibility to inform each student individually. A fine of Rs:20/- per day will be charged if the payment is made after the due date.

4) The institute has the due right to recommend penalty for misbehavior in the Classroom

5) Students are not allowed to see visitors during teaching hours or receive phone call except in an extra ordinary circumstances.

6) The institute reserves the right to change any or all the rules and regulations at any stage during the course in the larger interest of the institute or the students.

7) The institute does not accept any liability or responsibility for any failure or delay in the performance due to any cause beyond its control such as fire, natural distastes, power failure riots, political interest or acts of public authorities etc.